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  • Motivated by the love, as well as an understanding of the immense importance of the personal example of the Prophet ﷺ, the Muslim community recorded and preserved his entire life in the most exacting detail. The Islamic scholars did not limit their attention to the moral and legal example of the Prophet ﷺ alone . Rather, they also focused on his daily life, like his habits of eating, drinking, and sleeping, as well as other matters that do not have immediate legal implications. From that time, until this present day, Muslims have sought to imitate the example of their Prophet ﷺ in all its details, unless they were of the particular matters that Allah Most High chose only for him.

    The Prophet’s ﷺ external, physical appearance was also among the matters that Muslims paid great attention to, as were his habits of dress. Among the matters of external appearance, The Prophet’s ﷺ noble sandals received particular attention, perhaps because of what his followers felt of utmost love and humility for the person of their beloved Prophet ﷺ, such that they saw themselves as less than his Nalayn shareef.

    There are many blessings one can acquire by keeping and honoring themselves with a copy of the sacred Nalayn shareef.

    Not the actual or original Blessed shoe/sandle(s) of our Noble Prophet ﷺ but a cut out man made or a paper copy. Because the intention is to make and shape it to be in the manner of our Prophets ﷺ blessed sandals, it holds such value and is revered as it has ‘nisbah’ (association) with the ‘Nalayn Paak’ worn on the Noble feet of The Greatest of Mankind ﷺ.

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